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Half of M&A deals don't deliver expected returns. If you are thinking of selling, talk to us to make sure you can maximise your returns. We can tell you what your business is worth, sell it, increase profitability to be able to sell, spin out technology pre-sale, and/or plan your integration to maximise your earnout.

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Are you an agency owner dreaming of a new life?

There comes a time when you have to say goodbye. Ideally with suitcases full of cash and a Nobel prize in your carry on. Selling your business can feel like a betrayal of the child that you brought into this world. In truth, it is the most natural thing in the world. It needs to stand on its own two feet. Ask anyone who has raised a teenager. They rarely want them back once they have left home. If you are making profit and thinking about your options, get in touch.

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The agency exit process...

A diagram showing the six steps to selling your agency

M&A services we offer...

End-to-end support to help you reach the promised land:

  • A friendly chat to discuss your sale ambitions
  • Assess current business value and readiness
  • Growth advisory to boost profits to trigger sale
  • Sale positioning and preparation
  • Buyer shortlisting and assessment
  • Negotiation and deal-making
  • Integration planning and earn-out optimisation
  • We work with top accountancy and legal partners to help you get everything right, including the tax.
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Spinning out agency technology

Technology and IP is usually bundled in with the core agency offering. The reality is that your technology could be more valuable than the business being sold. Trying to sell this to a buyer who does not understand or value it is not the best way of realising the value you have created.

If you have IP and are thinking of selling, get in touch. We'll let you know how valuable it might be, and guide you through the process of spinning out technology before you start your sales process and without harming the deal.

Spin Out My IP

Why trust us to get you the best deal?

Traditional M&A firms rely on transactions. They don’t mind who buys you, so long as they get their fee. Anything from the earn out is a bonus for them, and you.

We don’t believe this approach is in your best interests. It is why 50% M&A deals fail to generate expected returns, for buyers and sellers.
What matters is the total deal value and what you finally walk away with. We know all the tricks of the trade on how to secure and maximise your deal. We have built, sold and integrated our own agency, bought, integrated and optimised the earn-outs of dozens of others. We have also worked for two of the most acquisitive global networks.

M&A is changing. We have the dark arts that can help you get the value you deserve.

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We have decades of experience in the corporate, agency and start-up sectors.

We have founded, built, sold, bought and invested in successful companies. Here is a taster...

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People say rather nice things about us

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Alex Price, Founder exited to Clarity

"Andy has the ability to cut through the noise and to hone in on the real issues affecting my agency. Partnering with Andy has enabled me to establish greater clarity around my role and responsibilities and in turn to develop a more successful agency."

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James Foulkes, Founder exited to TMP

“Andy partnered with our leadership team to assist in executing a growth strategy that drove the agency towards achieving its best ever financial performance. In addition, Andy partnered with the leadership team to enhance the culture of the business focussing on collaboration, staff development and retention alongside ensuring the leadership team were leading by example and consistently living the values of the agency. I would recommend Andy to any business looking to achieve significant and long-term growth."

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Zak Ireson, Founder exited to Gravity Global

"I recommend Andy without hesitation. He brings an invaluable energy and depth of experience to any leadership team that has the ambition to develop and grow; a trusted partner for the journey."

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“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and making B2Bi the most successful acquisition in DAN UK.”

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Savvas Constantindes, Founder

“Andy is a great partner to work with, he created a clear roadmap for us to grow the business, collaborated positively with the leadership team and helped us to look at things from different angles. He is also good fun to work with. I highly recommend Andy to any business, with the ambition to drive their business forward to the next stage.”

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Rob O'Donovan, Founder

“What makes Marcus different from the pack, is that he genuinely cares and wants you to succeed. And that is what makes partnering with him an absolute pleasure.”

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Moha Bensofia, CEO

“Marcus has always had impeccable judgement and has a way of looking at things that always inspires me to be better. He has been the most important advisor not only to me but to the Mendi board, and that to me is invaluable. He brings a wisdom and a level of empathy that have formed us as a values first management team. What Nick does better than anyone I have ever encountered is collect all our good intentions and spread out thoughts and shape them into one tangible, unified thought.”

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Nick Day, Founder

“Andy has been a pleasure to work with over the years. He is a trusted partner to the business and a valued member of our Executive Committee. Via his initial work in understanding our business to crafting global marketing strategies and then successfully executing them, his enthusiasm and commitment to produce quality work has given us great confidence in his abilities to drive change and growth in our business.”

Are we right for you?

Currently we are only selling UK agenices with profits of £400k+.

If you are below this level, or in another geography, we are happy to have a chat to set you on the right path.

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