About Us

We partner with businesses to define growth strategies, scale capabilities, expand geographies and transform business operations to create more value for clients, partners and shareholders.

We advise founders and owners on M&A transactions and how to access to capital. 

We offer clients a more nuanced, more relational and operationally savvy approach than traditional advisors. That's because first and foremost we are entrepeneurs. We have built our businesses from the ground up, so we know what it is like and how to make your moonshot less risky and painful. We focus on a combination of “quick wins” to build momentum and simultaneously building the foundations for longer term success.

Our entrepreneurial team has a proven track record and 75 years of experience in successfully founding, leading, growing, exiting and integrating businesses in the UK, US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

We have already walked many miles in our client’s shoes and are well placed to partner them and you on the road to success.

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Andy Maher

Andy Maher

Andy is a former Omnicom COO for Asia Pacific, based in Tokyo. He was instrumental in the rapid expansion of the region and in the enhancement of the region’s strategy, professionalism and profitability. In addition to 4 years in Asia, Andy spent 5 years in senior leadership roles within Omnicom across the UK and US. In addition to other senior international management roles Andy has founded, run and exited 3 standalone businesses across varied sectors in London and Tokyo. With over 25 years’ experience in the media and marketing industry, working and living in 4 continents, Andy is well positioned to provide effective and culturally nuanced strategic advice to his clients. Andy started his career as an accountant in Australia; his first international role was in investment banking with Salomon Brothers, (London) now known as Citibank. He graduated from Griffith University, in Brisbane, Australia. Really, he is an accountant in denial. Why else is he always on about numbers? He’s also more Australian than Chips O’Toole. Still, Andy will be able to help you navigate your ship through the treacherous seas of growth, sale and integration…

Marcus Exall

Marcus may be a successful serial entrepreneur. He may be an experienced Angel investor. He may also have been the brains, guiding hand or early money behind start-up triumphs, such as Monese, Mendi, Nomio, Clim8 and Improbable. But he is a lifelong supporter of Queens Park Rangers, so his judgement is not faultless. He collects contacts like Panini football stickers, so he either knows everyone, or has been for tea with their mother. He’s nice, like that. So if he can’t solve your problems, he knows someone who can. Marcus can help companies gain access to capital, boost growth plans and find strategic buyers.

Marcus Exall
Nick Berry

Nick Berry

Nick has been Marcus’ partner in crime for over 20 years. He started life looking like George Clooney but the experience of working with Marcus has ruined him. He claims to have his own identity, as he is a successful serial entrepreneur, strategist, and start-up adviser. He’s grown everything from tiny companies to the world’s biggest brands. But he’s really here to bring Marcus green tea. He also spends too much of his time obsessing about things that no one else cares about. Like generalship in the First World War, how to squeeze more books onto crowded shelves, and why baby dinosaurs are impossible to find. Still, this curiosity does mean that if we don’t already have an expert solution for a problem you face, Nick can quickly create one. Nick can boost growth plans, refresh your strategy, brand and positioning, and help plan and manage the pre- and post-sale integration piece so you have a better chance of maxing your earn out. 

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Moha Bensofia, CEO

“Marcus has always had impeccable judgement and has a way of looking at things that always inspires me to be better. He has been the most important advisor not only to me but to the Mendi board, and that to me is invaluable. He brings a wisdom and a level of empathy that have formed us as a values first management team. What Nick does better than anyone I have ever encountered is collect all our good intentions and spread out thoughts and shape them into one tangible, unified thought.”

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Nick Day, CEO and Owner

“Andy has been a pleasure to work with over the years. He is a trusted partner to the business and a valued member of our Executive Committee. Via his initial work in understanding our business to crafting global marketing strategies and then successfully executing them, his enthusiasm and commitment to produce quality work has given us great confidence in his abilities to drive change and growth in our business.”

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Savvas Constantindes, Founder

“Andy is a great partner to work with, he created a clear roadmap for us to grow the business, collaborated positively with the leadership team and helped us to look at things from different angles. He is also good fun to work with. I highly recommend Andy to any business, with the ambition to drive their business forward to the next stage.”